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Customer Testimonials

Here are a few comments from our clients -we could go on and on but you get the idea...

A text book deal & would buy from again without hesitation - many thanks Ben
-Rhodes Chroma -
RL Music

I just received the Juno 6 today and it never sounded that good, thank you very much for fixing it !
-Juno 6-
Eric, Oxford

I am very grateful to you for you resurrecting it honestly and professionally, glad someone knows what they are doing :) I will recommend you to anyone who needs equipment fixing up.
-SCI Drumtraks-
Russell Burnell

Thank you very much for the fix. it feels like its come back from a health spa for synths; its shining and bright and full of life. The keyboard has never felt so pleasing and I don't think it has ever sounded as good. So thank you indeed. i can see how much care has gone into it!
-Oberheim OBxa-
(Liam howe)

Got the package yesterday- doesn't seem to be any damage at all and the synth works and sounds like a dream!