Vintage synthesisers
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We are one of the U.K's leading specialists in the repair of quality vintage synthesisers. Based in London and Herefordshire all repairs are carried out in house using over 20 years of synth experience. We have sucessfully repaired almost all of the important vintage synths for household names and enthusiasts alike and we have shipped instruments all round the world.Check out the synths we have for sale.We are always interested in buying good non working instruments.. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Recent synths we have repaired include:

Arp 2600, Avatar, Odyssey Mk 1,2,3, Axxe,Omni 1+2, Solus,Pro solo, DGX, Arp sequencer EDP Wasp,Wasp Deluxe OSCar Doepfer Scaltwerk,Ms404ELKA Synthex EMS Synthi AKS EMU Emulator 2,Emulator 3&4 Hohner Clavinet,Pianet,Duo Fairlight CMI Jennings Univox Korg Monopoly, MS20,MS10,770 Poly 6, Poly 61, Poly800,Maxi & Minikorg, Pe1000,Trident1&2 Lambda Sigma Linn 9000, Linndrum LM1 & LM2 Moog Minimoog, Memorymoog, Midimini, Opus3, Prodigy, Rogue,Source,Multimoog, Micromoog, Polymoog,Taurus 1,Liberation Oberheim OBxa, OB8, OB1,Xpander,Matrix 12, Matrix6,DX, DMX, 4 voice,OBX Octave Cat,SRM,SRM2, Kitten PPG Wave 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 Rhodes Chroma Roland Juno 106,Jx3p & Planet s, Juno 60+Juno 6 Jupiter 4, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, MKS80 SH1000,SH2000, SH101,MC202 SH1,SH2,SH3a, SH5, Sh09,Rs09,Tr606,Tr 707,Cr78,Cr8000 Tr808 ,Tr909 Sequential Drumtraks,Six Trak Pro-one, Prophet 5(all Revs)), T8, Prophet 600,Prophet VS,TOM,Multitrak,Sixtrak Siel Opera 6,Dk600,Dk80 Simmons SDS6, SDS7&9, Simmons SDX.Waldorf. Wave,microwaveYamahaCS5 ,CS10 CS15,DX7 ,DX9,CS50 CS40,CS30,CS15,CS10,CS5